Happy Friday!

Well, it’s the day after Halloween, so this is a little late, but Happy Halloween!

If you missed it this last week, we presented the fourth installment of Camp Wicakini, and it’s available in Savage Worlds and, of course, Æther! This horrific romp brings the PCs in to hunt down Wanagi Mato and bring him back to Wellstone City. Good luck to everyone on that, and if you want to see more, hit the links and click the video after the jump!

We’ve made a few changes in the Store, we updated a few things, and we re-organized things a little bit. One of the biggest things that happened was with our Dice. These dice are our infamous laser-etched logo dice, and we are happy to regret to inform you that we are now out of stock on the special dice boxes that Crystal Caste had given us with the dice order. What we are not out of is dice. We have quite a few left, but if you order, you’ll get them in small plastic bags instead of little plastic boxes. What that really means to you is a cost savings of $1.00 per set. It’s like a built in 10% off coupon.

We have two big things we’re working on, and we hope to have them up and running by the end of the weekend. One of those things is a soldier out-reach program for all of our service men and women scattered around the globe. The other is our Christmas box! (It’s after Halloween, we don’t feel as dirty for talking about Christmas already). Both of these are some pretty sweet deals, the Gamers Without Borders box is a thank you for those serving overseas who forgot their gaming stuff at home, and the Christmas box is a huge chunk of product at a reduced price, pre-ordered so we can get it to you before the day!

We have another release queued up and ready to go, and we have lots more in the pipe as we’re heading into our last convention of the year next week, and as we’re gearing up for the Christmas season! Stay tuned, shoot us a message, and don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and of course on G+! If nothing else, stop by our Facebook today and hit our latest TGIF (Think Gaming, it’s Friday!) and do something productive with your Friday afternoon. We love giving away free prizes to participants in those!

Oh, and just in case you missed it before, I’m going to leave this here for you: