It’s beginning to look a lot like….

…well, you know what it’s beginning to look like.

Yesterday we told you about our 25 Days of Christmas, and today we’d like to remind you that it’s been a great year! All of that has been made possible by you, our fans, and we love that so much! We’ve been to a ton of new conventions and met some great fans, made quite a few new ones, and we’re looking forward to that and more next year!

But we’re not done with this year yet!

We’d love for you to head over to our store to check out the books, PDFs, and Dice that are available! We still have a pretty awesome sale going, extending the Post-Thanksgiving sale for another week because we’re over 2000 fans on Facebook! If we manage to get 2000 followers on Twitter we’ll extend the sale another week through December 16, and then if we manage to hit 150 at our G+ Community we’ll extend it yet another week to December 23. If we manage to, in that time, hit 2200 fans on Facebook before the sale ends, we will extend the sale another week yet, bringing it right up until the new year!

Tell your gaming group! Tell your friends! The more the word gets out, the longer this sale goes! We have had a great year with all of you, so let us give a little back!

2nd Day of Christmas

Today’s special discount is Burning Crosses for Savage Worlds, part three of the Wellstone City Chronicles! Check out Facebook for more details or hit our store now!