Happy Friday!

Hey everyone, we have a lot going on right now, so let’s just get to it!


We have two releases coming up, and both of them are for Ingenium! The first is Tower of Fate, an Adventure in a Con styled adventure for the Summerfort setting of Ingenium! Handled almost exclusively by Ben Overmyer, you should keep your eyes open for more news of this coming in the next few days. The second is a collaborative effort between Ben and Kevin, Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardry, a wintery tale of intrigue, investigation, and darkness. This adventure is also centered in the Summerfort mini-setting and we think you’ll have a great time with both of these adventures!

Sales, sales, sales!

We decided to not do the traditional “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” sale this year and we went with our End of the Year, “Keep the Party Rolling” sale. We started it Friday after Thanksgiving morning and ran it through Monday, just like everyone else’s sales. However, with the Keep the Party Rolling side of things, we elected to set goals in our social media and that would determine how long this 20% off sale goes. The first goal was crushed out of the park in a matter of days: 2000 fans on our Facebook page. We hit that and extended the sale through Monday the 9th. Our second goal we are rapidly closing in on as this is being typed: 2000 Twitter followers. When we hit that, it will extend the sale to Monday the 16th. The third goal, and this is the hard one: 150 followers in the Silver Gryphon G+ Community. We’re only about half way there, but if you take the minute or so to join the Community, we will hit that goal in no time, and that will bring the Keep the Party Rolling sale going through the 25th!

We do have one more goal we’d like to hit by the end of the year, and that is to get to 2200 fans on Facebook. As I’m writing this, we’re at 2039 fans. That gives us one or two weeks to hit that goal! If we do that, we’ll keep the sale going into January! 20% off everything in our store here at the Silver Gryphon site, and at DriveThru RPG!


Who doesn’t love dice? We’re currently running two specials at our store for Dice this Christmas. If you purchase $15 worth of product, we will send you a set of dice for $5, and we waive the shipping on the whole order. Why not pick up Æther, an adventure or two in PDF, and get a set of dice shipped to you for just an extra $5? The second offer is a free set of dice for orders over $30, with no shipping charges for the order. Sound pretty awesome? Get what you want, put a set of dice in your cart, and pick between our white, red, blue, or black and get a sweet deal! The days to ship before Christmas are drawing close, and some of the colors are running low, so get your order in fast!

More Paperbacks!

Very shortly you’ll be able to get our adventures in paperback format! We’re working hard to get everything converted over to our preferred Print on Demand service. They will be printed by the same printer we currently use for our existing paperbacks, and the quality is great on the sample proofs we’ve been sent. With just a touch more tweaking, they’ll be ready for mass consumption! We are adding more to the queue every day, and before January 1st we hope to be completely caught up with our existing adventures for all three systems! Æther and Ingenium will be in the standard format, while our Savage exclusive products will be provided in Explorer Edition sizes!


We’re getting sample art in from the main artist, Dennis Darmody, and it’s looking great so far! We can’t wait to show this project off, but for now, only those who backed the Kickstarter get to see what’s coming! Expect to hear more about this through the close of this year and the early months of next year as we get these finished, produced, shipped, and made available for public consumption!

It’s been a busy month here at Silver Gryphon, and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you next week! Don’t forget to sign up for the for the inside scoop before then!