Year of the Gamer! – T-shirts!

Year of the Gamer! – T-shirts

We weren’t planning on doing this yet, but we’ve had so much response from so many of you that we decided to dive right in! You can get your very own Year of the Gamer t-shirt and show your gamer pride all year long! We have started a pre-order sale at Custom Ink, one of the best t-shirt printers available, and we have chosen to go with a 50/50 cotton/polyester shirt for its durability, the way it holds the image, and its ease of care. Want to see what it looks like?

Year of the Gamer pre-order shirt

You can order it at Custom Ink, but because of the way their ordering system works, you’ll have to pay for it through the SGG store. Then, you’re done! As soon as the shirts print, on or about February 1st, they’ll ship to us and we’ll ship them to you!

So, three easy steps:

Follow this link to Custom Ink and let us know how many of what size shirts you’d like.

Go to the Silver Gryphon Store and pay for what you ordered through Custom Ink.

Sit back and wait for your shirt to be shipped to your door!

International Shipping

YES! And at no additional charge!