To all of our friends:

Hi there. We don’t normally take time to bring up important political issues or to address hot topics with the Silver Gryphon Games page. However, we feel that the national dialog is reaching a critical mass, and we must unfortunately admit that 50% of the management lives in the area of Iowa that is represented by Steve King.

Steve King has made it clear, as have several other representatives, where his position is concerning whether or not businesses should be able to willfully discriminate against citizens of our nation based strictly on their sexuality. It needs to be stated that Silver Gryphon does not do this, has not done this, and will never, ever do this. We respect the basic rights of all of our customers, regardless of what laws may be passed or what representative says what.

We welcome fans and friends of any race, creed, culture, nation, religion, sexuality, and any other discernible or imaginary difference. We here at Silver Gryphon Games do not discriminate, and we have made a choice, as a business, to do what we have always done, and to continue what we have always done. We believe that we should treat our fans as friends, and we are in business to have a good time, meet gamers, and to share the gaming experience. We celebrate the differences that make this world so damn awesome, we do not…we will not…use them to cause division.