Æthursday: Random Setting of the Week

Today’s setting is a Prohibition Era Action Epic with Space Technology. During the search for more and more profit during the Prohibition Era in the US, the emerging maffias and crime syndicates come across an interesting possibility: space flight. Inspired by the significant rise in air travel and the luxury that it embodied, they wanted to push the envelope, going higher and faster than the airplanes could at the time.

Eventually they made it into space.

There is talk of the new space race taking the criminal syndicates to the moon. It’s not just the Americans that are involved either. Governments are scrambling to catch up, but with trying to pay for World War I, they’re out manned, out gunned, and out spent by the crime syndicates. Using passenger flight to the edge of space to help finance their endeavors, the syndicates have started to get creative, and some of those solutions involve weaponizing the craft to fight the governments as well as each other.

Now it’s 1927. The war on the streets of Chicago, New York, and other major cities has taken to the skies and beyond. There is a race to get to the moon, and in the mean time, those still warring on Earth have to worry about government agents, the army, and the other syndicates!

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