GM’s Week Sale at DriveThru RPG!!!

Well! We made a bold statement a couple of days ago, and we said we’d knock 30% off all of our paperbacks if we went above and beyond the sales record from last year’s GM’s Day Sale. That challenge was not only met, but it was met half-way through the sale!

Thank you! That was pretty awesome!

So we went ahead and knocked 30% off every paperback we have.  Oh, and we activated a bunch of adventures as well. You can now get the entire Wellstone City Chronicle for Æther in paperback, as well as our Adventure in a Cons! If you buy them before the end of the GM’s Day Sale, you get them at 30% off, and as always, you get the PDF for free if you buy the physical version!

What exactly does that mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! We included a TON of links below that will take you right to the product pages. If it’s paperbacks that you’re looking for, be sure to click the option for PDF + Soft cover B&W right up at the top of the product! Also, it means that the paperbacks of the new adventures are available for just $7 (USD), and our standard products are available for $14!

You wanted more? Well, we have a great working relationship with Fabled Environments, a studio that produces our maps for us! Get the maps to go along with Burning Crosses, Schroedinger’s Box, Ranch Raid, and Breaking Murphy! They’re also on sale for GM’s Week, and if you want to order printed versions of the maps in one-inch equals five-feet scale, you can get the details through their official web page!

Brand new Soft covers!

Wellstone City Chronicles – Burning Crosses – There’s a rat in the cross family, and they want it stepped on….hard!

Wellstone City Chronicles – A Death Undeserving – A powerful former Cuban drug-runner’s son has been killed and he wants the killer brought to justice!

Wellstone City Chronicles – Schroedinger’s Box – A well-informed rat could bring down the Falcassi Family and they’d like him killed. You’re not the only team going in, and the Italians aren’t the only ones with money on the table.

Wellstone City Chronicles – The Ranch Raid – Things have gotten hot in Wellstone City, and maybe it’s time you take a break and lay low…or maybe it’s time to make some new connections and take an out-of-town job…

Wellstone City Chronicles – Breaking Murphy – The boss called and you have three hours to hit a bank and get something out of box 42; he wasn’t clear on specifics, but you’ve got a bad, bad feeling about this job, like everything could go wrong and nothing could go right.

Adventure in a Con – The Eater’s Tower – In this Byzantine Era adventure, you and your band are going after a powerful supernatural creature, a cursed human, who has taken up in an old Roman fort. End him before he gets too powerful to take on!

Adventure in a Con – The Legend of the One-Toes – Your tribe of cavemen has had their Shaman taken after a very bright light and an earth-shaking noise last night. It’s time to go get him back.

And now, the old favorites!

Ingenium – Everything you need to run a campaign is in this book! Ingenium uses a unique three-word system for character creation, talent pools to focus your characters’ abilities, and takes only minutes to learn! Fall in love with this fantasy setting today when you get it today for just $14.00!

Æther – This universal system spawned (and contains!) the Wellstone City setting and is famed for the Random Setting Generator. The main book is geared for a modern setting, but it can take anything you can throw at it with a simple tweaking of your weapon list and a slight changing to the skill offering. See why this is an internationally acclaimed system today for just $17.50!

Zombacalypse – The book that is heralded as one of the greatest in the zombie apocalypse genre, this book is a zombie-building tool kit, discussing zombie qualities, zombie animals, even zombie babies! 30 adventure hooks are included in the book as well as a fully fleshed-out adventure that takes place in the American Civil War. If you don’t use the Æther system, that’s fine, there are suggestions and guides in the book for converting it over to your favorite system! It’s available for just $14!

Panzer Reich – Crash Test – This book extrapolates the Æther rules into a miniature war game rule set! Set 100 years after a massive global catastrophe, this book covers the rules for a hex-based war game revolving around tanks with missiles and Gatling rail cannons! Get it today for just $10.50

Wellstone City – This Savage Worlds setting features the crime-city setting originally (and still!) found in the Æther Core Rules. This gleaming metropolis of the southern US is a silver lining wrapped around the blackest of clouds. Syndicates run the city, corruption is rampant, and making a living is as easy as pulling the trigger! Pick it up today for $14 and see why this is at the very top of Savage Worlds urban settings!

Zombacalypse – No, this isn’t a repeat, this is a Savage Worlds specific version of our best seller! Savage Worlds rules for improvised weapons, fighting infection, resisting turning, and so much more are inside this book, as well as the famed US Civil War adventure at the end! Get it today for $14 and see what you’ve been missing with your zombies!