Happy Friday! GM’s Week Sale!

At DriveThru RPG they have the on-going GM’s Week sale, where a TON of publishers are taking 30% off our prices!

A couple days ago we sent a letter out talking about our GM’s Week sale. Inside it was a statement that if we exceed our sales for last year’s sale, we’d gladly be putting our paperbacks up for 30% off as well.

We haven’t done it…yet…but we’re very close!

We realize that our two systems may not be your cup of tea (even though they’re pretty awesome). You just might not be a fan of Æther or Ingenium. We get it. There’s a ton of amazing systems out there that we’ve never played and haven’t put money into as well, and these might be anything from OSR to Pathfinder, Rifts to Cyberpunk. Maybe our stuff just doesn’t have that much appeal to you because of that.

Or maybe it does.

You might not know, but we have a line of Diabolical Traps. These traps, designed by three former evil adventurers that have retired, range from annoying to lethal. These three PDFs are set up to be played in Savage Worlds, Ingenium, or Æther, and porting them over to other systems is a snap!

We have a single freebie and three PDFs full of traps; each one is on sale right now for just $3.50 (USD), and each one contains 15 traps, each with an illustration! For GM’s Week ONLY, we have a bundle of the three for just $9! Get the whole set, including the freebie, the Maintenance Mummy! For a total of 45 traps to beguile, frustrate, and frappe your characters, these sadistic traps were set up with one purpose in mind: to provide entertainment for the trap creators!

GM’s Week Diabolical Traps Bundle!

Or hit them separately:

Diabolical Traps: Skeletons

Diabolical Traps: Rooms

Diabolical Traps: Non-Traps

Diabolical Traps: The Maintenance Mummy (Free!)

No matter what system you run, you need something to make the party stop, slow down, or even have an emergency extraction!

Dig into them today, and the bundle only goes for the next few days…when the GM’s Week sale ends, so does it!