It’s no April Fool’s Joke, it’s time for our Annual Sale!

April marks our sixth annual “We Don’t Hate our Customers Sale!” It’s our version of a customer appreciation sale and we pass on massive sales to our customers. It is our biggest sale event of the year! We are taking 40% off everything we sell! This sale goes live on DriveThru RPG and RPG Now Tuesday morning at midnight, but you can take advantage of it NOW at the Silver Gryphon Games store.

Find us on DriveThru RPG at:

This sale only hits once a year, so get in quick while you can! The sale is also going on at our website, which we can’t link you to directly, but you can find awesome stuff like dice! Supplies on some of the dice colors (particularly black and blue) are running very low, so if you want a full set of Silver Gryphon logoed dice, act fast!

Hit the Silver Gryphon store in the links above the news crawler, or go straight to the dice which are a jaw-dropping $5.40 for a full set!!