Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Another week has come and gone here at Silver Gryphon and we’ve had a ton of exciting stuff happen!

If you missed it, we are in the midst of our Sixth Annual “We Don’t Hate our Customers” Sale! This event started years ago, and this year, you can take 40% off everything we sell at either the Silver Gryphon Store or at our storefront on DriveThru RPG! This sale always takes place on April 1st and goes through the end of the month! Supplies on certain things, such as dice are limited, so if there is something you want, get it today, and don’t wait!

Kevin is plowing away on the Æthermancy book that we Kickstarted! We’ve been getting a ton of artwork in from all directions and the editor is diligently grinding away on this book. We’ll get you updates on that as important benchmarks are in!

Kevin is also still hitting his Shadow War setting for Spartans in the Underworld! We’re starting to talk to artists about doing the art for this book, and in light of not wanting to do ANOTHER Kickstarter for it; we’re going to slowly piece the art together as we can peg money to this project! We want it to be as awesome as possible!

Last on Kevin’s plate is the Wellstone City Adventure Deck, which he’s pounding away on as well. This one has been a long time in coming, but it’s been worth the wait. We hope to get it out into the hands of play testers by the weekend!

Ben is working hard on his Kickstarter for Ingenium 2nd Edition. I2 brings, what we feel, is a needed update to the Ingenium system. Characters from the First Edition will mesh into the Second Edition without any major hiccups, we’re just changing gear and spells and doing some tweaks to a few other areas as well as giving you some setting for it!

This week we’ve started a Facebook Group! For those of you who pay attention to Facebook, it has some very intensive formulas that control what you see and from whom. That has been hampering our social media efforts on Facebook, and being in a group is one of the best ways to make sure that you have access to everything that we post that is SGG related. We will be slowly migrating the fan page to the Group, but we invite you to go ahead and sign yourself up, recommend it to friends, and so on!

Finally, Saturday April 5th is International Table Top Day! All of us here at Silver Gryphon will be doing something with that, and we encourage you to take pictures of your events! We would love to do a write up on everything we get pictures on for Year of the Gamer, especially if you have pictures of anyone wearing those awesome t-shirts!

Game on!