Æthursday – Europe at War!

Today’s random setting is a World War I, Technology of the time, Black, Alternate History.

War is upon Europe! The Great War has begun. Germany and Russia align with each other, creating a massive army that rapidly sweeps down through Eastern Europe and starts marching west-ward. The German/Russian alliance threatens all of Europe as America rushes to help her long-standing allies.

Tzar Nicholas II, with help from his Germanic security forces, easily thwarts an attempt against his life and family in 1915. Fueled by the thwarted assassination attempt, Nicholas sends his troops south into Persia to gain further control over the area. Now, after seven years of war, it looks like the Russo-German Empire is on the verge of casting its shadow over all of Europe, and the flailing Allied powers are resulting to have to use smaller forces against them; highly trained individuals, each with five to ten men under them.

The PCs start off as troops in these squads, eventually gaining enough experience to lead them, taking on targets and missions. The actions of a few can change the tide of the war, and they need to do so in order to fight back against the machine of war!

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