Wellstone City Wednesday – The Adventure Deck

Well, it’s been long awaited, and long discussed, but it’s finally coming: the Wellstone City Adventure Deck is ready for play testing at the end of the week! We’ve contacted a couple of individuals about getting some very rough copies of the initial manuscript. It’ll be stress tested, broken, torn apart, and then we’ll rebuild it from their notes.

The deck right now is just a set of rules; it uses any standard deck of cards to draw from. The draws are complicated enough that I don’t think it’ll be transformed into a deck of playing cards (unlike the Encounter Deck, which we have cards potentially in place to do so but we need a LOT of art to make that happen). The draws are pretty simple, and you get some fantastic results. Kevin’s first test run of it actually came very close to Schroedinger’s Box, which is not an overly simple adventure in the first place.

Sample Draw

Just to give you an example, here’s one we pulled up quick.

Twelve hours ago, in South Rise, a hostile investigator in the D.A.’s office ended up stealing a boat belonging a lower ranking head of the Nigerian crime syndicate in town. The media knows about the event but has not yet reported on it. The boat-jacking happened in the early hours of the morning and was retaliation for violence against the D.A.’s office in a case that just closed.

Rumor has it that there’s another group investigating this mess, a faction of the Black Dragons sent in another Freelancer that isn’t going to take too kindly to another group trying to muscle in on this contract. The Nigerians are paying $500,000 and a favor to any group or individual that makes their problem with the D.A.’s Office disappear permanently.

Now, naturally there are names and other details to fill in, but that adventure skeleton is enough to get your own Wellstone City Chronicle up and moving, especially with the slight bits of expanded suggestions given in the document itself. The play testers are sure to have tweaks and ideas of their own, so it’ll be interesting to see how it ends up!

Remember…in Wellstone, whatever happens, happens.