Æthursday – Random Setting!

Today’s randomly generated setting is a Future, Gravity Tech Opera setting with a Dark tone. Which brings us to…

In the distant future, great Empires wage war across the stars. Galactic Empires clash in mighty fleet battles while scoundrels and bounty hunters amass wealth playing both sides. Rebellions are constant, and the uncontrolled space between galaxies is rife with pirates, slavers, and opportunity.

The PCs assume the role of an elite combat unit, of bounty hunters, mercenaries, or any other small group. They may not be on any one side, or they might be allied with one of the major galactic factions. The Narrator may wish to incorporate optional rules from other supplementary books for mystical knights, ship battles, or even zombies.

Pull from what you know and make this setting your own! Use the setting notes in the Æther Core Book to rough the setting in and then see what your imagination and your players do with the rest!