Wellstone City Wednesday – Running the Good Guys

Wellstone City is set up to run the criminals. It’s a dirty, ugly place that is full of dirty, corrupt people. It is written from the stand point of assuming that the PCs are cons and criminals that are just as bad as the other people they are fighting against. Sometimes they’re worse.

But that’s not for everyone. Sometimes you want to run the knights in shining armor; those that use the same tools as the criminals but use them to make the city a better place. There are many examples of this in television and literature; from Sam Slade the iconic detective to the crew of the Leverage television show. There is this over-reaching theme of the good guys sticking it to the bad guys by using their own tactics and technology against them.

Wellstone as itself isn’t set up that way; all to the adventures assume that the characters are affiliated with criminal syndicates. But, with all of that crime and all of the suffering that it inflicts, there are bound to be innocent people that need help; not revenge, but help. The PCs are playing the good guys, but possibly by using the same tools and methods that are available to their criminal counterparts.

However you choose to run a game where the PCs are the good guys instead of the criminals is up to you. Temptation to do things the easy way will be everywhere. It’s easier to handle things without a conscience, taking the high road is harder…it’s more challenging.

The challenge is to run the existing Wellstone City Chronicles from the other end of the table; run them from the perspective of the event has already happened and one of the bystanders has come to the PCs for help. That means of course that they will be working against other NPCs that are at least as well trained as they are and any attention that the crew that ran the Chronicle attracted may start going after the good guys for being snoopy. The world is wide open for a game like that, and we’d love to hear your experiences with it!