Ingenium Kickstarter: More material in the book!

As with our last Kickstarter, we decided to implement some micro-goals as we progress through the Ingenium Second Edition we’re adding more weapon and armor materials as well as more Miracles and Rituals to the magic section!

So far, we’ve already added one of each to the core book, with many, many more planned to be added. Hopefully we run out of those and have to work some overtime on this one and create even more materials and even more of these high powered spells that are too specific to be crafted with the Three Word system for creating standard spells.

So far we’ve added Mythril to the materials…

2000 Dollars - Mythril

And Speed of the Righteous to the Miracles…

70 Backers - Speed of the Righteous

We can’t wait to add some more and we look forward to having to give more of these updates! Want to contribute on your own? Hit the link over on the right, or just click right here.