Month: May 2014

  • What the likely failure of the Kickstarter means for Ingenium

    We’re now on the final day of the Ingenium Second Edition Kickstarter. We still have over two thousand dollars to go, and at the rate we’re getting new backers, we’re not going to make it. That hurts. It hurts a lot. However, it won’t kill Ingenium.

  • Ingenium Kickstarter – More Backers!!!

    We’re cruising along on the Kickstarter, and while it may look like we’re still quite a way away from our goal with too few days to be successful, the last few days of a Kickstarter are where you usually see the most action! Also, in keeping with our promises to add more content to the…

  • A Quick Start and a Chat

    So, if you missed it… Ben and Kevin were on a chat on’s live chat feature. They talked for two hours on all things Ingenium Second Edition, touching on the Quick Start and of course promoting the Kickstarter. A quick rundown of character creation, combat, the world, creatures, and many other topics were touched…