A Quick Start and a Chat

So, if you missed it…

Ben and Kevin were on a chat on RPG.net’s live chat feature. They talked for two hours on all things Ingenium Second Edition, touching on the Quick Start and of course promoting the Kickstarter. A quick rundown of character creation, combat, the world, creatures, and many other topics were touched on.

If you did miss it, click on the link to see the Hardboiled GMShoe’s chat summary of all of the answers that Ben and Kevin gave during the extended time. We went into an additional overtime and kept talking about some other Silver Gryphon related topics. Those aren’t in the chat log on the blog, but Kevin and Ben had a great time hitting all the topics we did.

In the mean time, we ask that you check out the Ingenium Second Edition Kickstarter! We’ve got a Quick Start Guide available via DriveThru RPG, and we are always happy to address questions! Thanks for your support, and let’s knock this Kickstarter out of the park!