Going forward with Ingenium and Eiridia

The Kickstarter for Ingenium Second Edition failed, but it made a very good showing before it did so. We had over one hundred backers and six thousand dollars pledged. That kind of support can’t simply be ignored, and that’s why we’re not completely ending the Ingenium line. However, we’re making some big changes.

First and most importantly, we’re going to finish the Ingenium Second Edition book as it exists now and release it as a free PDF. There won’t be a print version.

Second, the Eiridia setting will remain separate from the core book, as it was in First Edition. While still the default setting for Ingenium, including it in the Second Edition would require a lot of art, and we’re not going to sink any more money into the core rules.

Third, we will occasionally release an adventure for Ingenium. They will be infrequent, but fairly large in comparison to our other adventures. We still have three unpublished adventures lying around in various states of completion that we might release in the future.

Finally, Eiridia will be ported over to the Æther universal system. It will become the default fantasy setting for Æther, and that is where it will see the most support. The rich pulp fantasy stories that I so fell in love with will continue, albeit with a significantly different rules set.

We did not come to these decisions lightly. We took the time to mull over our options, and ultimately, it’s best for the company if we go this route. There is no guarantee that we won’t bring Ingenium back as a major supported product, but if we do, it’s going to be when Silver Gryphon Games is a lot bigger than it is now.