Wellstone Wednesday – Back in the Saddle

The panicked wail of sirens shatters the dream I was in. It was a dream of the life I had half a year ago; might as well have been half a lifetime ago. Warmer days, sunshine, things were looking up. But that all changed in a burst of fire and a hail of lead. I was bagged, beaten, and I was broken. Knees are ruined, shoulders are broken, my fingers and feet were smashed. I was left for dead.

That was their first mistake. Thinking I was gone, thinking they could get rid of me that easy. Took weeks for the ribs to knit, laying low in some dirt-water half-way home. Took me months of re-breaking and resetting my fingers to get them straight again; all but one of them are back to good, but my left pinky will never be straight again. I’ve had six months of time to think what happened, to plot and plan and get back into shape. Half a year of laying low and putting pieces together until I could see the how all the webs were woven together.

I’m going to start with the Italians. The Falcassis will never see it coming. They’ve been involved in a turf war in The Artery with the Crosses. I’ll plant some evidence in Little Italy to show them they’re losing; the kind of evidence that can’t be disputed. In order to do that I’m going to have to get one of the Cross goons and leave his body at job; make it look like it was bungled, make the Italians think they got their man, and make damn sure they think they know who it was. That will keep them distracted for a while; it’ll open them up and make them vulnerable. Then I’m bringing the Russians in on it to hit them on the weak side while they deal with that. Another jab will come from the Columbians; they’ve always wanted a piece of the drug trade the Italians have locked down.

While they’re distracted with that, I’m going to get in and I’m going to grab Fabio Falcassi and I’m going to put him through the same slow hell that I’ve been going through. I’m going to take half a year away from him; I’m going to take his whole life from him. Slowly.

It’s 5 am in Wellstone. It’s already hot. Another siren chases the first as I go over my plan again and again and again. I allow myself to smile as I think about how this will all play out. I’m gonna burn this city to the ground, and there’s nothing they can do to stop me.

I’ll start my war, but first, I need to go find a Cross.

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