Æthursday – Victorian Supernatural Horror

Using the Random Setting Generator in the Æther Core Book, the results were rolled for a Victorian Era, Dark Energy Technology, Supernatural, and Horror…

Doctor Edgar Hunter promised a new age of man through his invention, the Cosmotron. It pulled the energy from the stars and channeled it for dozens if not hundreds of new technologies. Gaslights would be replaced by Cosmolamps, trains would run on the raw Æther of the heavens rather than coal or wood; every aspect of life would change, and for the better! Initial tests looked good, but were short lived for proof of concept demonstrations.

Last year Dr. Hunter turned it on at midnight, the morning of July 7th, 1877. Everything seemed to be going well, at least initially. Then all hell broke loose. Literally. The machine opened a portal to another dimension, pulling energy from the very fabric of space and time. First it was ghosts and spirits that came through. Then the dead rose from the grave. Then came the demons and the cosmic horrors.

Huge swaths of humanity fell. Urban centers seemed to be afflicted most quickly, especially when the plagues of undeath rocked through the population, spreading like fire. Now, a select group of men and women fight back, upholding the finest traditions while using modified versions of Hunter’s technology; modifications made by the young prodigy of Menlo Park, Thomas Edison.

Join the Bureau! Fight the evils that plague mankind! Save the world before afternoon tea!

To put this setting into action and to roll up your own Random Setting, check out the Æther Core Book!