February 2015

This Week’s Product Spotlight!

For this week’s Product Spotlight, we are highlighting Death of the Prophet, a freebie for Wellstone City! This fun little adventure is available for Savage Worlds as well as Æther and it revolves around the firebombing of the Wellstone City Prophet, a self-published conspiracy newspaper. Are the PCs the arsonists, are they working for the …

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Happy Friday!

There’s been a lot going on with us lately! Kevin is coming out of his writing slump as his gaming store is starting to normalize, and he’s already churning out some content. We’re prepping to go to Genghis Con put on by the Denver Gamers Association, and we’re excited for that! It does violate our …

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Æthursday – Random Setting!

For our setting today, we came upon a Renaissance age setting that had discovered cold fusion technology that is deep into a Classic Noir setting. In 1490, a man named Alphonso Buccelli had been working with Leonardo Da Vinci in Rome and he made some discoveries about the fundamental laws of the Universe itself and …

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