Æthermancy Update!

Well, it’s been another week and we’re still going forward hard and fast on this project. It has grown to proportions larger than anticipated, so I am announcing that we are probably doing something with the book that we had anticipated as a possibility but had hoped that we wouldn’t have to do.

It was stated in the Kickstarter that there would be a section on creating your own spells. That will be included, however, it very well may be included as a separate book. The backers will not have any additional charges to bear because of this, but the book would have swelled to something over 300 pages and books at that point can become unstable with the binding and other considerations.

In all likelihood, there will be an Æthermancy Companion or something to that effect (the name isn’t finalized yet) that covers the topics of spell and item creation. We just wanted to give you a head’s up on that and we’ll be having some rough images put together soon for that!

Happy Friday!