Wellstone City – The Coming Tide

The Freelancer Act was passed on Friday August 7th in a very public signing. Registration opened on Monday, with a three-day waiting period for a back ground check, the first of the Freelancer permits will be issued tomorrow. To date, there have been nearly 1000 registrants for the Freelancer Act.

With the flood of people; almost 40 people an hour across the four registration centers across the island, there is both great hope and great fear on the part of the politicians and citizens. Some worry very publicly that it will serve as a license to bully. Some say that the Freelancers will become just as big of a problem as the gangs themselves.

Only time will tell. Wellstone waits with baited breath as the first licensees get their Freelancer Identification Cards tomorrow; assuming they all passed their background checks, there will be almost 400 on Thursday.

Where do you stand on the issue? Are you for it, are you against it? Did you register? What is your thought on armed vigilantes in Wellstone City?

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