An update on Ingenium for January

Ingenium Second Edition marches onward. We have a new editor working on the manuscript. We’re finding more artwork to fill the pages. At this point, the most likely release window is going to be sometime in Q2 of this year. Our tentative release date is June 1st. 

Not too long after that, we’re also going to release a new version of A Darkness at Summerfort, the introductory adventure for Ingenium. We planned to do this back when the Kickstarter for Ingenium Second Edition was live. Some of the work is already done. The new version of the adventure won’t just have updated stats for the new edition of the rules. It’s also going to include more setting information for the town of Summerfort and how it fits into the world of Eiridia. It will also have a print version, unlike the original adventure.

The biggest supporting piece we’re planning to do for Ingenium after the release of the new edition and A Darkness at Summerfort is going to be “Adventure Guides.” These books will be between 32 and 128 pages long and will have a combination of setting information and adventures. We’ll evaluate how these do. The community is going to determine the nature of our support going forward.

We’re also going to revamp how we introduce people to our games on our website. Ingenium will receive more attention and a better rundown of the system and setting. We’ll talk more about that next Sunday!