Upcoming Ingenium website update

When we discontinued Ingenium as a product in 2014, we removed a lot of links, banners, and information from the website about it. We decided in 2016 to bring Ingenium back. Earlier in January of this year, we made an editing pass at a lot of the content on the website. We rewrote or modified text in all areas of the site. One of the things that we noted is that Ingenium’s web content is lacking in depth compared to our other properties.

We decided to make a formal pass at adding new information and a better introduction to Ingenium on the site.

This is going to take the form of three types of update:

Introduction to Eiridia

Eiridia is the setting that Ingenium revolves around. We’re going to add a section in the Ingenium portion of the website that summarizes a variety of information about Eiridia. This will include brief descriptions of the races, kingdoms, gods, and legends that frame up the world. It will also go into some of the overarching plots of the current state of the setting.

Introduction to Ingenium

The game mechanics are briefly described on the site already. However, we want to go into greater detail in order to give potential players a better idea of the kind of experience they’ll have when they jump into a game of Ingenium. The biggest possible addition is short play-throughs of particular scenarios.

Free Content Downloads

We’ll be releasing small free content documents for Ingenium over time. They’ll take the form of short adventures, new Talents, new monsters, and other interesting tidbits to flesh out the game options. We still need to work out how frequently these will come out and how they’ll fit into our product schedule.