Wellstone City Wednesday – Sokolov’s Gambit

Soulstice Yoga Studios has been firebombed. While the ashes are still cooling, the owner of the establishment, Anastasia Volken is wanting answers. Her friends-of-friends in the Russian mob have been more than helpful in getting the ball rolling for the investigation, but there’s just one small problem: she doesn’t trust the investigator, a hard-as-nails Russian known only as Sokolov.

The Irish Syndicate is the best lead for placing blame, and while the bomb itself is their style, there are some details that are making Anastasia very apprehensive about placing blame on them. She’d like you to take a closer look at why her studio was bombed. Sure, she’s teaching Krav Maga to freelancers, and of course, the Russians are using her very legitimate business for their own illicit doings, and maybe Anastasia isn’t as squeaky clean as she looks, but that’s never been a problem before.

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