Nanocon and New Products

Man, it’s been…over a year since we have gone to a convention. Kevin and Ben have been super busy, schedules haven’t lined up, and life takes precedence over the game company sometimes. That’s kind of the double-edged sword of being a small-press publishing company. It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes it needs to be back burnered.

So, we’re headed to Madison, South Dakota, for the weekend of November 10th – 12th. Nanocon is a great little convention put on by the Dakota State University game club and they have done a fantastic job. Silver Gryphon started out our convention runs by going there, and we think it’s only appropriate to go back up to Madison to get our convention runs re-started. We don’t have next year’s conventions finalized yet, but we do know we’re planning on going to KantCon in July and we’d like to hit Gamehole Con in November (as well as possibly Nanocon again!)

We haven’t released much in the last few years. We’re working on remedying that. The final (?) chapter in the Camp Wicakini Saga is in the final stages of completion, Kevin has a bunch of small settings he’s been working on, a number of adventures, and of course we have Æthermancy that he’s been working on as well. Ben is plowing away at our editing efforts as well as art direction for the company. Allen is prodding Kevin along to make sure he doesn’t fall off the writing band-wagon, and Yuki is looking for conventions for us for next year.

New Products

Some of what Kevin’s been working on has been talked about in the Facebook groups, some at conventions, but here’s a concrete list of some of the things we’ve got in the pipe.


Æthermancy feels as if it’s always in production. This one is so over-due our customers went from being understanding to being disappointed to being angry to forgetting about it completely. That is NEVER a good position to be in as a company and it’s a worse position to be in as a customer. This project is still happening. Kevin’s going to hit another play test stage just to make sure it’s perfect for Æther.

Zombacalypse Five

We have art, we have most of it written, and Kevin just needs to finish it. Hopefully we’ll have this one out by Halloween this year!

The Junkyard

One of the first adventures we’ve had outside writers produce for us, this delightful adventure for Wellstone City and Bureau 8 is a fun little romp. It’s got a definite summer-time feel to it, but we’d like to have it out at Halloween time as well. It’s very overdue as well, but it’s nearly complete.


A colony of Spartans gets smote by Poseidon and is sent to the underworld, but it’s one that their myths and legends did not prepare them for. You are one of those Spartans or their decedents. A horrifying mash of an ever-changing hellscape, monstrous creatures made of ichor and fear–or worse, flesh and blood–and the unrelenting rivers keep the Spartans hemmed into their one stronghold, Whitescar. The art for this book is about half done, the play testing is done, the writing is done save for some finishing touches. We need it edited and some final art and then layout. Hopefully we get this one out in June or so. It’s long over-due as well!


This one is a big one. Kevin has had this on his plate for half a decade; we simply never had the art budget for it. You’ve gotten a taste of it if you’ve gone through A Stitched in Time or the Spirit of the Season adventure we wrote a number of years ago. Salt is a supernatural setting based on several things in pop-culture and its in-depth and massive in scope but keeps Æther’s simple skill-driven mechanics. Best of all it pairs well with Æthermancy! The art budget is going to be ridiculous on this one, so we may end up Kickstarting it after Æthermancy is complete. Honestly, we’d like to release it in time for Christmas next year.

Wellstone City – Chapter 2

Kevin wants to do a revised Wellstone. Popular opinion is that we should leave it largely alone, but we’d like to knock some of the dust off it and provide a book that works as a fresh setting and for those of you who have and love the book, we want it to be supplemental information that will only enhance and advance your adventures in the Shining Star of the Caribbean.

Wellstone City Chronicles

We have a ton of these in the pipe; it’s just a matter of getting them finished, getting art done, and getting them out to you! One of the next ones up will be The Double Tap, which is going to be an experiment in adventure design and should be a great time to run and play through!

D&D 5th Edition

Kevin leads a group of writers at his game store and the goal of the groups is to get publishable material produced for 5th Edition. There are some great adventures being produced as well as a store-crafted campaign setting! We hope to start putting out the adventures and bits and pieces of the setting starting in January!


Those are the broad-strokes of what we have in the pipe right now. Kevin and Ben are doubling their efforts to get these titles published! We’ve loved writing and producing and meeting our fans over the years and we’re looking forward to many more years of Silver Gryphon!