Æthursday – Future History

June, 2236

Look, they left. They left and they didn’t even look back until we started making noise here. They went to a clean world that they could make their own and they left the rest of us here to linger in purgatory on a broken Earth. They knew what would happen, of course they knew! It was the Ares Project that got this whole thing started anyway!

“Start fresh, a new Humanity,” that was their slogan! I’m not asking you to remember, I’m asking you to look! The ice is pulling back and what little didn’t get crushed and ground to mud under it has posters and slogans and propaganda plastered all over it! Look for your selves, don’t take my word for it! They left Earth, they went to Mars, and they gave us a little parting gift in return.

They gave us Armageddon! They tried to wipe us out so there would be no competition for their “New Humanity!”

Well, they’ve got competition now, haven’t they. We’re starting to heat this iceball back up and see what damage was done after the Strike, and we’re going to find out what they mean to do with us. We can already see their ships and their war machines up around the planet, we know they’re there! Right up above us, right now! Hell, they’re probably listening in on everything I’ve been saying! And Good! I want them to! I want them to know that I’d like to do nothing better than to point my one-ten up at the sky and give them 20 kilos of “Welcome back to Earth!”

They’re coming! It’s already happening in the deserts. Exploration groups. They have said they’re here to make contact again, but if they are here to contact, why in the hell are they armed? Why are they only checking out the new landmasses that formed after the Strike? I say they’re not here to explore, they’re here to reclaim. They don’t know what we’ve been through for the last 100 years. They don’t know how hard we fought against earthquakes, floods, and a century of the ice! They don’t have any idea how close we came to being wiped out!

And I don’t know everything, but I know we’ll survive them too, but only if we fight as hard to keep our planet as we fought to save it!

This setting is designed to fill the gap between Panzer Reich and a yet-to-be-named Dystopian, Advanced Technology, Near Future Epic setting that was generated with the Random Setting Generator in the Æther Core Book and is in the process of being fleshed out!