Breaking the Silence

We posted an update on the Æthermancy Kickstarter last night. It explains where we’re at with the book, why it’s so late, and why it’s still coming.

The short version is that Silver Gryphon Games went through a long period of difficult times. Frankly, it almost killed us as a company. However, we’ve come through on the other side, and have been working behind the scenes to regroup and return to life.

Æthermancy is our top priority right now. It’s not acceptable that we’ve missed our delivery target by this much. We’re committing to getting it out early this year (before May).

After that, we’re going to start releasing more of the projects from our backlog. We have quite a few books that are in various states of completion, and a handful of them are nearly ship-ready.

Ingenium is a more complicated story. It’s something we want to do more with, but we’re not quite ready to promise anything just yet.

We now have two Silver Gryphon Games communities: the Facebook one, and our new Reddit one. We look forward to re-engaging with our fans there!