Projects in Progress for July 2018

Today we have an update on our projects in the works. There are several books in various states of production. We’ll have a few releases in 2018, and we’ll be back to full steam in 2019. Here’s a little about what we have going on…

Æthermancy is still our top priority. Kevin is working on a mechanical rewrite for most of the spells. There is still some artwork that needs to be completed. Once both of those things are done, the book will hit layout. We don’t have a release date for this yet, but we’re hopeful that it will be out later this year.

Our new Chief Editor, Sarah Murto, is working on editing the manuscripts for two new books. More details about these will be forthcoming soon.

Ingenium is now back on the table after far too long of an absence. Ben is writing manuscripts for a few new works here. Ingenium Second Edition is also in the works; Sarah has it on her backlog for editing, and after that, we’ll begin the art collection process.