Projects in Progress for September 2018

There was a lull in work this month, but that was counter-weighted by the first in-person SGG meeting we’ve had in a long time. We hashed out a number of things and consolidated our plan for the rest of the year.

Kevin continues to work on Æthermancy, which is his primary focus. Ben is working on Ingenium Second Edition and on some business aspects of the company. Sarah finished the editing for both of the books she was working on.

Both Kevin and Ben have a ton of mechanical changes to work on; in Kevin’s case, he’s translating each spell from the older iteration of the Æthermancy spell mechanics to the final version. In Ben’s case, he’s rewriting the mechanics of Ingenium from scratch. Both are time-intensive works. For next month’s update, we’ll try and get some concrete numbers to show the progress being made.