Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Plans

Pinnacle’s Kickstarter for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition provides us with a unique opportunity. To finish out 2018, we’re going to be working to release new versions of some of our oldest books.

We’ve got three projects for this in the works. In addition, we’re going to be piling on to the Adventure Edition Kickstarter with a JumpStart adventure set in Wellstone City.

Here are the three projects for Adventure Edition:

Wellstone City: Revised Edition

The original Wellstone City setting for Savage Worlds was released in 2010. This new edition changes the format to hardcover graphic novel size, adds new content, new artwork, and new tools for Narrators.

Zombocalypse: A Zombie Apocalypse Toolkit

The Zombacalypse book remains one of our biggest sellers. We think we can make it even better. Besides changing the title to make it easier to find via search, we’re also changing to a graphic novel format, adding more types of zombies, and adding another short scenario.

Camp Wicakini: The Collected Edition

The four Camp Wicakini adventures are being combined into a single large campaign book. Of the three projects, this one has the least planning around it so far, so expect to hear more about it in the weeks to come.