Departing Savage Worlds

Over the last few months, we have been going back over all the fundamentals of our business and what we, as a company, seek to accomplish. One of those fundamentals is the game systems that we support.

Savage Worlds has been our staple system (outside of our own) for many years now. We began supporting it almost at the beginning of Silver Gryphon Games’ existence. We’ve published a large number of titles for it, including our popular noir setting Wellstone City and our horror Camp Wicakini series. We love the system and have always enjoyed playing it and writing for it.

However, due to changes to the licensee program they offer, we no longer feel that our place is with Savage Worlds for content creation. The changes done to the system do not agree with our style of adventures and they would necessitate reworking all of our Savage Worlds titles; something that we cannot do with the titles and projects in our backlog and in progress!

All of our remaining print copies of Savage Worlds books will be sold off at conventions, and we will not be doing additional print runs. All of our Savage Worlds products have been removed from the DriveThru platform.

We still wish the best for Pinnacle Entertainment and the Savage Worlds game line and for all of the staff we have come to know over the years. We will be watching closely to see if the licensing terms change or if the changes made to their newest edition of the Savage Worlds system are rolled back so our products better align with the rules. For now, though, we are going to be focusing on our own titles: Æther, Ingenium, and the upcoming Mysteries of a Broken World.