Plans for 2019: A Year of Æther

In the last post, we announced that we are leaving Savage Worlds behind and forging ahead with our own systems. Here, we’ll talk about what means for 2019. We will have at least three major releases, and all of them are for our Æther universal role-playing game.

As recently as last December, we were planning on releasing products in 2019 for three different systems: Savage Worlds, Æther, and Mysteries of a Broken World. However, with our shift in focus away from Savage Worlds, we’ve decided that it’s best to give extra attention to our core game. Given that, we put off the release of Mysteries of a Broken World and Ingenium Second Edition until 2020.

The first release for 2019 will be Æthermancy, the magic supplement for Æther. It was Kickstarted in 2013 and we’re eager to deliver the final product to our wonderful backers. It has taken far too long to get it to this point, so it’s first on deck.

The second release for 2019 is something that is overdue: a new revised edition of the Æther Core Rules. We’ll talk about the new edition more in future blog posts, but the one thing you can be assured of is that there will be no substantial mechanical changes. It will be primarily a content update, with new settings, a new adventure, and generally more of everything.

The third release for 2019 will be the definitive Wellstone City book for Æther. Where previously the setting was folded into the Æther Core Rules, it will now have its own dedicated tome full of new content.

We also have some other products in the works that may see release this year. However, the three listed above are our commitments for 2019.