Mid-April Update

Well, it’s the middle of April and we’ve been quiet for a while. As you can see here we tweaked the classic Silver Gryphon icon just a little for the new year and we like it! We’re in the middle of a social media revamp as well as getting a few projects finished up that have been on our docket for way too long.

Kevin is still working on Æthermancy and as he finishes two other small projects that have been on his plate for a very long time, we hope to give you some awesome updates about the long-awaited magic book for our Æther system.

Wellstone City is going through some growth spurts (hence the two aforementioned products) and we’ll be revising that for a 2019 re-release as well as the Æther Core Book. The Core Book and Wellstone are nearly 20 years old from time of conception and first writing, so it’s time for an update for both of them! We’ll be having all kinds of news on that as we get to work on it, but Æthermancy first.