So long, and thanks for all the fish

Our fellow gamers,

After 11 and a half years, Silver Gryphon Games is closing down. In that time, Ben and Kevin have collectively gone through five moves, three weddings, two kids, the death of one child, over half a dozen jobs, a major economic collapse, and countless other life events. We have attended 50 conventions, met some amazing people, and we have inspired and been inspired by countless hundreds of gamers. We have enjoyed being part of the community of game creators as well as game players and we could not be happier to have gone through all of those life events with all of you.

However, all of those life events have changed us. We’ve grown in different directions and life has taken us away from our path of game creation. We still love what we do, and we are extremely proud of the place we held in the community. However, we also have to recognize that we are not the same people we were over a decade ago when Silver Gryphon Games rose from the original Æther Games. We are not in the same place creatively. The world has moved in some directions that we couldn’t have imagined back in December of 2007.

As such, we are unable to continue with Silver Gryphon Games in any meaningful way. The last four years has been a series of false starts, shifting interests, and shifting ideas as we try to continue what we were doing and integrate new ideas and create awesome material. This is something that Ben and Kevin have discussed several times over the last few years. As our interest has passionately waxed and waned, we have come to the realization that we can no longer do what made us amazing. We can no longer work at the level that we could and we cannot meet the bar that we set for ourselves and achieved.

We have been honored to have been a Savage Worlds licensee; one of the first 15 as a matter of fact. We have put out two systems of our own and we have created content for D&D. We became well known in our microcosm, and we have loved going to conventions, meeting people, and hearing your experiences gaming. We hope we have provided you with some amazing memories and helped you meet some fantastic people as well. We have been nominated for the Fan Favorite Publisher Ennie for most of the time we’ve been a company; no mean feat considering there are only 40 or so publishers each year that get nominated. That puts us in the top 2% of publishers according to you, the fans.

That is something we have never taken for granted, have never taken lightly, and has always given us a sense of deep gratitude for you.

Thank you. Thank you all.

Ben and Kevin