Ingenium Second Edition playtest now available!

After a lot of layout and two rounds of proofs of the physical copy, the Ingenium Second Edition playtest version is now available. The PDF has been quietly available for a couple months now, but we wanted to wait to announce it until the physical copy was ready.

The purpose of this playtest is similar to that of the Aether Second Edition playtest. We want everyone to have the opportunity to get the rules as early as possible. Your feedback – whether via email, Facebook, DriveThruRPG, or what-have-you – is much appreciated! We’ve priced the playtest as cheaply as we can get away with without offering it completely for free.

Ingenium Second Edition brings a lot of updates and new content to the game. The core mechanic remains unchanged – 1d10 + modifiers vs. a target difficulty number, and the dice are open-ended. However, we’ve streamlined a lot of the rules, clarified others, and corrected some errors. Races have been renamed heritages, and there are more of them. There are more Talents and spells. There are rules for magic items. There are more monsters. There are two entirely new chapters, too – one about running the game, and one about the default setting of Eiridia.

As we get closer to releasing the full version of the game, we’ll be showing off some of the artwork that’ll be in the book. This playtest version doesn’t include any artwork and the layout is pretty utilitarian. We’re likely to expand the content a bit for the final book, but this is pretty close to what it’ll have, as far as text goes.

Go out and buy a copy of the playtest, run some games, and let us know what you think!