April 2011


HP: 6D6 Num: 1-4 Spd: 4 Dmg: 2d6 Def: 8 Soak: 15 CL: 7 From a distance, or in bright light that brings the brassy highlights out in its metallic fleece, a ferrun may be mistaken for one of many legendary beasts famed for their immensely valuable — and usually golden — coats. But woe …

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April has been busy!

So we’ve been busy the last few weeks at Silver Gryphon Games. We have joined the print program at DriveThru RPG / RPG Now and we have both the Æther and Savage versions of Zombacalypse, Ingenium, and we are working on Wellstone City for print through our normal PDF vendor. To top it off, we …

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HP: 10D6 Num: 1-2 Spd: 9 Dmg: 2d10 Def: 15 Soak: 10 CL: 11 An abomination by any definition of the word, the narakhaj has the form of a melding of mammoth centipede and serpentine dragon. Its multitude of jointed legs are tipped with reptilian talons, and its neck — made up of ribbed and …

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