HP: 2d8 + 2
Num: 3d8
Spd: 4
Dam: 1d4
Def: 5
Soak: 5
CL: 3

Elemental spirits of hostile and territorial bent, frosts – called kkrrikkl in their own language – resemble angular frameworks of ice splinters bound into a roughly humanoid form by “growths” of granular snow. Their faces are featureless, save for two patches of blue-tinted ice that serve for eyes. These elementals gather in packs (commonly referred to as “blizzards”), despite being not at all gregarious in nature — a blizzard of frosts does not work together, save by accidential circumstance. Though they do not melt in non-freezing environments, being removed from their icy homes causes frosts to lash out at anything around them; within their native terrain it may be possible to negotiate with a kkrrikkl.

In combat a frost creates icy projectiles which it throws at its adversaries, inflicting 1d4 hit points of damage per attack with a range of 100′. More dangerous is its aura of killing cold; any coming within melee range of a frost is subjected to 1d6 hit points of damage. When pressed into melee, a frost will resort to attacking with its icicle-like claws, which also inflict 1d4 hit points of damage.

Frosts take no damage from cold but double damage from fire. They receive a +2 bonus to resistance rolls against other forms of magic.