The First Annual Summer Writing Contest has Begun!

From now until August 30th, we are hosting a summer writing contest, and we hope this becomes a standing tradition going forward, but that all depends on you! This year’s writing contest revolves around Wellstone City, and scenes and locations there. Each scene should be about 5 pages, have an NPC, a location, and some kind of connection to the crime families and/or organizations of Wellstone City.

The official details are listed in the lower right section of our website, where you can normally find the Wellstone City Update. However, they will stay up right there until the end of summer so you have readily available. There is also a dedicated forum thread where all of your questions can be asked and answered.

So get on it today! Win some money! For those of you who are old hands at this, have some fun, and for those of you who are just starting to expand your writing horizons, get some experience! Wellstone was designed to be added to by the community, and now, we want to give some back through cold hard cash for the top three spots. Read the rules, stand and deliver, and be immortalized in gaming history!