July 2011

Spirit: Kikuro

HP:  3d6 Num:  1 Spd:  2 Dam:  Nil Def:  10 Soak:  4 CL:  5 Bizarre little spirits of exchange, kikuro defy the categorization of the sages.  Some claim the wee beasties to be an odd sort of fey; others argue that the tiny traders must surely be some exotic form of undead shade.  The kikuro, […]

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Elemental: Dannik

HP:  1d8 Num:  2d20 Spd:  3 Dmg:  1d4 Def:  3 Soak:  2 CL:  2Sometimes, in an abundant harvest season, portions of the crops escape the attention of the overwhelmed harvesters.  When the harvest is especially abundant even the gleaners who come after the farmhands may fail to gather up all that is left — and

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Ooze: Yiaru

HP:  2d6 Num:  1d4 Spd:  2 Dmg:  1d4-1 Def:  3 Soak:  8 CL:  4 Gelatinous creatures of unknown origin and surprising apparent intelligence, the yiaru — or spelljellies — are a rapidly-growing hazard in any magic-laced locale which has had the misfortune to have become infested with them.  Though these shimmering amoebas have not yet

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