August is half over….

It’s been a busy month for us! Our Facebook fan page has been growing by leaps and bounds! We have all kinds of stuff out there that is exclusive to fans, so if you haven’t “liked” us yet, we encourage you to do so! You can get freebies, exclusive offers, fan-only coupons for the Silver Gryphon store, and much more!

Second, our Kickstarter for Silver Gryphon Dice has been wildly successful and we are closing in on what was planned to be our final stretch goal! We still have 8 days to go, there are still a few limited top-end pledge awards left to claim, and there are sets and sets of dice that can be claimed at the lower pledge levels. We have learned a ton from this kickstarter so far, and we will do it in the future to make sure we get projects properly funded so they are the best they can possibly be in terms of production value and physical quality!

Also, we want to wish everyone a great GenCon, and we wish we were there! Next year is definitely in the cards, and we think we’ll have a good shot at a few ENnies next year as well! It was great to be nominated for Fan’s Favorite Publisher again this year, and thank you! Hopefully next year we’ll have a nomination in Best Rule System, Best Setting (twice), Best Supplment, Best Adventure, Best Gaming Accessory, and anything else we can get done in the mean time!

As a quick final note, we’d like to give a quick mention to Aethercon, the online gaming convention! Go to a Con in the comfort of your bathrobe and bunny slippers, use Google+, and Google hang outs to talk with some of the best and brightest in the industry, play some games, talk with vendors, and have a good time! Hit the link to see what’s in store!