Online Gaming!

UPDATE 2: 10:25PM

We wrapped up the game, it was a Persian, Clockwork-tech, Tragedy, Horror game. Oh yes, PCs will die. It is the year 360 BC (to our reckoning). They are on the way up to check out some mysterious temples that have started springing up. The characters are all from Babylon and headed North to Scythian territory. They have stopped at the last fortified town on the road leading north from Babylon, and they are about to cross into Scythian territory. The town is spooked, full of soldiers, and a temple has appeared in a mountain 40 Roman Miles over the boarder.

Next game, they march north.


We are live, now! Come Join Us!

Tonight Kevin will be doing an experiment where he runs an online Æther game! It will start at 7pm Central time (US) and should go until about 10pm, but it may go later. We will have more details later in an update to this post as to the Google Hangouts link we’ll be using.

The game will feature the Random Setting Generator found in the Æther Core Book. Kevin will have character sheets available for download and other than that, players will need a writing utensil (pencils are preferred) and a pair of D10s or Percentile Dice. We may be exploring using an online dice roller.

The name of the game tonight is setting generation and character generation. There will be character introductions, and depending on the time that takes, we may start getting into the action!

Kevin plans on running this for three nights, once a month, and it may be extended for a night or two if the players choose, but after that, Kevin is going to switch it up and do something with Savage Worlds.

More details will be coming soon, and a playlog after!