July 2013

Knights of the White Fox

Rekellian society is marked by the presence of a strong nobility. It has been plagued by war in various forms since its inception; indeed, Rekellia was born from war. With so many noble-born youths with a martial bent, it’s no wonder that the old empire has given rise to so many knightly orders. One such …

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Happy Friday!

It has been a while since we’ve had a nice Friday update, and there really is a lot going on behind the scenes here! We’ve got another adventure that we’re cooking up, and you’ll be hearing more about that for the next days on Facebook, and of course, through our Newsletter and on our G+ …

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Birthed from Stone – Gargoyles in Eiridia

Gargoyles have been touched in a number of RPGs as a playable race, but for the most part, they’ve been treated as a one-off entry in a supplemental book. Eiridia changes that. Gargoyles are a core race, and important to the lore of the world.

Wellstone City Chronicle – Burning Crosses has been re-released!

One of the first Wellstone City Chronicles, Burning Crosses has been completely re-worked to make it longer and better, with more text, more plot, and more maps! Kevin completely re-wrote it and added more investigation, added features that are found in our other Wellstone City Chronicles! Check it out today and see what we’ve done …

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