Æthursday Random Setting: The Skies of Egypt

Today’s setting is a bronze age, air technology, supernatural, opera.

Before Rome was an Etruscan outpost, a massive air war waged in Egypt. Stretching up the Nile Valley, took to the air. Using gliders and powered flight, the Egyptians took the skies back.

These gliders and small aircraft, as seen in the tombs of the Pharaohs and their kin, were war planes, with seats for archers as they tried desperately to take control of the skies back from the dark and shadowy creatures that flew from a fissure in the Earth. Flying up from Upper Egypt, they swept the land and were a plague upon the people of the early dynasties.

While Egypt was forced to use bigger and heavier stones in their buildings to keep the creatures from tearing them apart, they swore to never mention these beasts in their histories. They chose to not glorify them, considering them creatures of the underworld, the foul servants of a foreign god.

For 30 years the battle has raged, and now it’s up to you to join! The battlements of the south are completely destroyed, leaving only the heavy cities of Lower Egypt to stand up to the creatures. While god-kings are building massive monuments to themselves, their armies and air-forces are trying everything they can to keep the people safe!