August 2015

Æthursday – Random Setting!

Today, we’re serving up a Victorian, Alternate History, Action Epic for our Random Setting! While exploring the depths of the Dark Heart of Africa, a vast and advanced civilization was discovered! Spanning the heart of the areas that the British call the Congo are sprawling mega cities that are completely obscured by the jungle canopy. …

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Æthermancy Update!

Well, it’s been another week and we’re still going forward hard and fast on this project. It has grown to proportions larger than anticipated, so I am announcing that we are probably doing something with the book that we had anticipated as a possibility but had hoped that we wouldn’t have to do. It was …

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Æthursday – The Node

Situated in what appears to be a ghost town is an ancient house; the Carolstone Mansion. The town of Blackenridge was a mining town over a century and a half ago, but the ores had long since dried up. The Carolstones were the original settlers in the area; they established a trade post before Revolutionary …

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