Wellstone City Update – Dispatch

Where do the Freelancers go that don’t want anything to do with the syndicates? The lucky ones get a call from Dispatch. This shadow organization is believed to be in Little Italy, but it has nothing to do with the Italian organized crime syndicates. It does, however, have everything to do with helping out the people that the police don’t have time to help and that the organized crime syndicates don’t have on their radars.

“Dispatch here. Do you have forty-five seconds?” is a call that only a very small number of Freelancers get to hear. That is a call reserved for Freelancers who do excellent work, keep on the right side of the law (or at least know how to not get caught), and keep a low profile when on the job. Those that do get that call may not know what it is right away, but after the call is made, there is no mistaking what it is: a ticket to a better life while still doing what they do.

Find out more about Dispatch in our latest Wellstone City Update! It’s another pay-what-you-want download at DriveThru RPG and can be found by clicking this link. It pairs nicely with the Wellstone City Adventure Generator, and of course with either the Savage Worlds Wellstone City Setting or with the setting included in the Æther Core Rules! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed getting it written!