Wellstone City Wednesday – Misha’s

Misha is a former Russian hitter that opened a dive bar on the north end of the Artery. The bar opened after the Freelancer Act went in, and it was the first of many Freelancer-catering joints that opened to provide a sort of safe haven and meeting spot for some of Wellstone’s most highly trained individuals.

What started as a place for Freelancers to gather has turned into a veritable help-wanted message board. Complete with its own app, “Misha,” Freelancers that get the rights to get jobs at the bar have access to everything from investigations work to more nefarious tasks. With the crumbling of the major syndicates, it turned into a great place to get all manner of jobs for any Freelancers. But, that comes with the price of admission, which is no mean feat.

The Price of Admission

Misha is a 60-year-old hitter that has his share of scars crossing his body, and he makes sure they stay visible on his arms, chest, neck, and face. He is almost always in the bar when it is open, and he can be seen wearing his virtually-trademarked white tank-top and a simple silver chain that was “given to him by his mother.” He’s gruff and speaks with a noticeable accent, but is friendly with the regulars as long as they’re not fighting.

Getting in this man’s good graces is as simple as doing a job, but you have to do it for free; a charity job. After you do that, with no complaints (and attracting as little attention as you can), you’ll start working your way up through the ranks of Misha’s and you’ll be able to get steady employment, connect with other Freelancers, and even get your own crew assembled!

Creating Jobs

If you need a little extra help coming up with the jobs for Misha’s, either for the intro job or for further jobs, we suggest you use the Wellstone City Adventure Deck! It’s fast, easy, and leads your characters down dark alleys that they may not venture toward, otherwise! Remember, in Wellstone, whatever happens…happens.