Ingenium world progress and Aethermancy editing

This past week Sarah, our editor, nearly finished editing the Adventures chapter of Aethermancy. Kevin worked on the remaining chapter for that book. I began writing the new setting chapter for Ingenium.

Aethermancy and Aether editing phase

At this point, Aethermancy and the new edition of Aether are both in the editing phase. Sarah dives into the manuscripts that Kevin and I produced for both books and makes corrections and comments suggesting changes. Once she finishes with a chapter, I go in and address all of her comments. Then that chapter is ready for layout!

I’ll talk about the layout phase in a future post. For now, let’s talk about Ingenium.

Writing the Ingenium setting chapter

Ingenium Second Edition adds two new chapters of the core rules. The first is a guide to the setting of Eiridia. In the original second edition manuscript, this setting chapter was an extensive and very dry history of every region and kingdom in the known world. I pulled this out. While it’s still valid, we’re going to use it as the beginning of an internal-only “world bible” that we’ll use for writing content for Eiridia.

The new setting chapter for Ingenium is instead a guide to the various regions of Eiridia. It includes descriptions of what the people are like, how they act, and what adventures players could have there. Everything is kept short and to the point to make for easy reading and referencing.

The part of Eiridia outlined in the Ingenium core book is relatively small compared to the rest of the world. We plan not only on expanding the setting through future supplements and adventures, but also by giving game masters the tools they need to create their own parts of Eiridia. Some of those tools will be present in this core book.

Remaining work on Ingenium’s manuscript

Besides the setting chapter, there is a fair amount of work to be done yet on Ingenium’s manuscript. I need to add entries to the Monsters chapter for at least two dozen more beings for players to encounter. The Spells chapter is probably fine as is, but I need to make an editing pass on it. Last but not least, there will be another new chapter for game masters explaining how to run adventures, how to create dungeons, and how to generate treasure and magic items.