Aether playtest and Ingenium progress

We are working on an Aether playtest release. Work on Ingenium’s second edition is continuing at a good pace, and we’re now working on the spells chapter.

Earlier this week, Kevin noted that GM’s Day is coming up fast. He wants to put a special focus on Aether at his retail game store in Iowa, and so we decided to release a special playtest version of the new Aether edition. It will lack artwork and won’t yet have been edited, but it’ll give everyone a taste of how to play the game and what changes are coming with the new edition. The price for the public will be low, since it’s effectively a test release and isn’t a finished product.

I’m working hard on doing the layout for that book. Since it will be a print release as well as a digital release, I will be finishing that layout today if possible. DriveThruRPG requires a few weeks to do the proof turnaround before we can do print orders. In addition to GM’s Day at Game State Games, I will have copies of the new Aether available at UNCW’s GameCon in Wilmington, NC on March 26.

Up until I pivoted to work on the layout for Aether, I’d been working on the Ingenium second edition manuscript. The world chapter is done and I began work on the spells chapter. There was a lot more editing necessary than I thought, but I’m leaving most of the spells intact as is. The only real mechanical change I’m making is to reduce the crazy number of dice needed for some of the more powerful spells. You won’t have to roll a bucketful of dice anymore.

That’s it for this week. I need to spend as much of today doing layout as possible!